sexta-feira, 31 de março de 2017

Life Documented - week 13

Hi  guys! Today I want to show you how I put all together on my art journal for Life Documented week 13. I like to make an art journal page and another page to document. But this week I had a little more to document because I had a swap with an Instagram friend, so I wanted to put some of the stuff i received. So I made a fold page in which  I documented and put my Tag.
As you know I use lots of color, marks, stitches, tapes that I make and stickers. I really love the result.

quinta-feira, 30 de março de 2017

Life Documented - week 13 Art Journal page

Hello my friends!!! This is my art journal page for this week Life Documented. This week Kristie thought on salvage words and rainbows, so I created a page full of color, full of rainbows and with words. I created a page with my worlds, I think. :) Color, flowers, lots of doodles, lots of marks. I think is me there in this page!!
In this page I use a background of acrylic paint first. Then I use as focal point a strip of paper from an old dictionary and four stickers that I made. (If you are interested I can make a post latter with my process for these stickers). After that is pure fun, because I gather some marks and oil pastels and make marks, and doodles and scribbled some words. 

I loved the result. Hope you can get some inspiration from my page. 

In the blank page I will do the page for documenting my week. :) 

Want to know more about this project? Take a look here 
If you want to see my other pages for Life Documented you can check here.

Have fun creating!! 

quarta-feira, 29 de março de 2017

Life Documented - Week 13 Tag

This week on Life Documented the prompt was suggested by Kristi (aka @soul-positive). She suggested us to create a Tag and use found words.
I did mine with a background of acrylic paint and collage paper from an old dictionary. Then I use the words "amour" and "bébé" from an old French/Portuguese dictionary. I add doodles and marks and stitches on my tag. At the end I stitch a beautiful embellishment that I make. I loved to do it. Now I'm working in the rest of spread for the week on my journal.

terça-feira, 28 de março de 2017

Mail Art

Hello friends!
Today just want to share the envelope that I created for snail mail with an Instagram friend, Cristina from Cuadritos de colores. We made a swap of ATC's.
This is an envelope made from a brown paper bag that I collect from bread. After I cut the size that I wanted, I give white gesso. Then I painted , had doodles, stamps and marks. After all done I stitched.
Very simple and I loved the result! :)

segunda-feira, 27 de março de 2017

ATC swap - Peek inside

Hello friends!!! Last week I was working on a swap with a friend creative Cristina from Cuadritos de colores, that I met on Instagram. She ask me for a swap and I made this three ATC'S  for her. I love to do them. As you know I love color, texture, mark making and stitches, so I put all my love on the cards. :)
I loved to do them. Take a look on some peeks of them.

terça-feira, 21 de março de 2017

Pocket Art Card and a little tag tutorial

Hi friends! Today I want to share with you the PAC (ATC) that I did for life documented week 12 as i was the guest this week. 
I made the ATC as is usual and made a little tag where I wrote the quote that I choose for this week. 
The prompt that I choose for this week was doodle or draw Bloom Mandalas. So I use the mandalas that I show you on yesterday post.

 The technique that I suggest was play with washes and drip of watercolor. So again I play with washes of watercolors.

1. Wet the cards and then add washes of watercolor.
2. Add marks with bubble plastic. After it drys the dots marks will remain.

3. Collage half of one mandala ( i love to add my drawings to my mixed media work)

 4. Doodle some flowers ( we are playing with bloom mandalas and flowers)
5. Add some white paint 
6. I use acrylic paint to add some color to my flowers. I add also some fluorescent pink to the background.
7. Add marks to the card. I use acrylic paint and pens.

8. To finish I add some stitches to my card.(You know how I love that!!!) I really love the result of that marks on the card. 

For the little tag I use the same technique that I use on the PAC.

1. Glue on the top of the tag half of one mandala

2. Add more color and some marks

3. Stitch all around the card

4. I wrote the quote on the little tag.

segunda-feira, 20 de março de 2017

Life Documented - Week 12 - Cascade of mandalas

Hi guys!! I'm very happy because this week I was the guest for creating the prompt for Life Documented. 
Since the theme of the month is bloom and as I love to draw mandalas I dicides to suggest to play with mandalas this week. 
Prompt: doodle and use bloom Mandalas
Technique:  play with washes and drips of watercolors
Quote: "If we remain afraid and closed off we never know what it feels like to bloom" by Lori Schaefer

All the tutorials for the week were publish on Saturday on the Life Documented blog. But for those of you that aren't in Life Documented I would love to share with you too. I loved to do this spread. 

Today I will share my art journal page with a cascade of mandalas, and tomorrow I will share little art cards.

This is my interpretation for this week prompt and techniques. Hope you enjoy. 

Well, what i made first was to play with washes of watercolor and draw the mandalas. This is the center of my work this week, and I  used the mandalas that I draw in the three pieces that I  created

1. In sheets of a chemistry book I add washes  and drips of watercolor

2. I draw/doodle mandalas
This is only an example of my process to do my mandalas. I like imperfections, so i don't use a compass most of the time, I just draw. Do several of them, play and have fun. I only use a micron pen to draw. 

3. Cut all the mandalas and cut them in half's

For my journal page I saved two half's of mandalas for the card and the tag and use all the rest for this page. 

1. I add swipes of color to my page
2. I collage the mandalas, like a bouquet
3. I doodle some feathers

4. I add some black paint to add contrast

5. Then with acrylic paint I add more contrast color to the mandalas.

6. In the end I add lots of marks.

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