segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2017

Life documented page - a quick step by step

Hello my creative friends!!! I'm so happy because these days I'm visiting my sister that lives a little far from me!! We are passing a blast of days!! But my advanced pregnancy stage makes me a little tired!! LOL!! But i'm energizing myself in Lisbon with my sister!!

Well!! Today as I promised to you  I want to share the steps of my art journal page for week 8 on Life Documented. The prompt was use under paper or scrap paper. In this page I use little scraps of paper, because we all have tons of them don't we :) :)!!! The technique was to turn thin paper in to more strong paper to work on!

My journal for life document is made of thin paper and used paper. Paper that I used to do experiences or printed, or painted. Is that why this page was already with paint!!

1. Grab some scraps of paper. whatever you have.

2.  Collage the papers in no specific order 
3. To make it more strong I add a layer of gesso

4. Then is time to play with color 

5. I love marks on my work. So i use mark tools and stamps to add marks.

6. I draw a mandala with a black waterproof pen and then painted

7.  I felt that it needs a little more mark making!!! I love to add words to my work. And I add a little more of marks with white pen and pencil. 

sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2017

LD week 8 - PAC my process

PAC - prompt: use under paper 

As I told you yesterday I will share with you my process on the PAC for week 8. The prompt  was to use scrap paper or under paper. So I use my under paper. Almost all the time I have on my table as under paper sheets of vegetable paper ( like baking paper). All the scraps of paint, stencils or stamps will go there. At the end I have a mixture of things and color on that paper that is just delicious!!!
I had also a little scrap of paper that already had a stitch on it. So I use it for my PAC.

1. Round the corners of my card 

2. Choose one interesting part of the under paper and glue on the card

3. Add some paint to cover those blank parts
(first i use a fluorescent orange and then a fluorescent pink)

4. Make marks with pens and pencils

5. To add more texture sew more your card.

Hope you like and get some inspiration!

quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2017

Life Documented - week 8

Hey friends! Here are my pages for Life documented week 8. This week the prompt and the technique were proposed by Suz. She suggested as  prompt: Use scrap paper or under paper and as technique: Making thin paper strong for mixed media.
I identified myself with this prompt because most of my work is based on simple and random materials. The journal that I made for documented life is totally made of thin paper from experiences that I've been made. so I love the challenge and made my interpretation of it. 

As this post is already very big because it has many photos I will show the steps of my page and of the PAC in the next posts in the next days. Ok?

In the first page I apply the technique proposed by Suz and then made a mandala and some mark making.

This week I made a folded page. In the front I used some strips of painted cereal boxes that left from other projects. I sew them and made a page. In the other side I collage a patterned paper where I'm going to document my week.

In the midst of my pages I made some patterned marks on the paper where I sew a pocket made with my under paper and where I put my PAC made also with my under paper from this week. Most of the time my under paper is a sheet of baking paper. I love it because it turns transparent when we use it.

Well almost all the pages of this week are made from scraps or under paper!!! ;)
 I really enjoy doing this week, because I was so inspired with the prompt of Suz. I really felt that she was talking my language. If you follow my work you know that I use lots of inexpensive materials, and create with materials that I have near me, and get creative with no much. Thank you Suz!!!

This is the PAC in which I use my under paper from this week. I have a step by step for you that I will share in the next posts. 

This is the page where I will document my week!

quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2017

Embellishments round up

I love to do embellishments to add to my art journals and planners. And the past two years here on the blog I've been posting several beautiful ideas of simple embellishments.
Today I want to do a round up for the best and more successful embellishments that I've been making and shared with you. Because some times i like to remind me what I've been doing and get more inspired.

segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2017

Handmade stencils

I really love to do and personalize my own things. At other way I really live on a budget on questions of art material, so i have to be creative and make the most of my stuff. But i really like, because they come unique, personalized and yours!!!
Stencils are one of those things that you can do with lots of materials.
In my case i like to use  plastic dividers because they are easy to cut and they are durable,
I draw my stencils on the plastic divider and then I cut with a cut tool. For the first steps I use a scissors, and then for the details I cut with a x-acto.

Take a look to my process and see the stencils that I created.

For cut my stencils I use a x-acto like this one.

I love them!!!

sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2017

Art Marks 30 days challenge - Days 22 - 30

Art marks 30 day challenge arrived to an end , and I feel sorry about that. I loved this so much. I'm very pleased with my pages although not always was easy to do a page every day! But I will continue to work on my little journal of mark making and add marks to my pages.
Here are the last pages of the challenge.

Day 22 - reflective

Day 23 - simple

Day 24 - primary

Day 25 - Hidden

Day 26 - singular

Day 27 - continuous

Day 28 - painterly

Day 29 - confined

Day 30  - shiny

quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2017

Life Documented - Week 7

Hi hello my friends. Hoping that your valentine is being a blast! :) These are my documented pages for this week on my unplanner.
It started with a painted page in which i collage some hearts for write the days of the week,  and then I  just journal my week and embellishment my pages.

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