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Life Documented - week 8

Hey friends! Here are my pages for Life documented week 8. This week the prompt and the technique were proposed by Suz. She suggested as  prompt: Use scrap paper or under paper and as technique: Making thin paper strong for mixed media.
I identified myself with this prompt because most of my work is based on simple and random materials. The journal that I made for documented life is totally made of thin paper from experiences that I've been made. so I love the challenge and made my interpretation of it. 

As this post is already very big because it has many photos I will show the steps of my page and of the PAC in the next posts in the next days. Ok?

In the first page I apply the technique proposed by Suz and then made a mandala and some mark making.

This week I made a folded page. In the front I used some strips of painted cereal boxes that left from other projects. I sew them and made a page. In the other side I collage a patterned paper where I'm going to document my week.

In the midst of my pages I made some patterned marks on the paper where I sew a pocket made with my under paper and where I put my PAC made also with my under paper from this week. Most of the time my under paper is a sheet of baking paper. I love it because it turns transparent when we use it.

Well almost all the pages of this week are made from scraps or under paper!!! ;)
 I really enjoy doing this week, because I was so inspired with the prompt of Suz. I really felt that she was talking my language. If you follow my work you know that I use lots of inexpensive materials, and create with materials that I have near me, and get creative with no much. Thank you Suz!!!

This is the PAC in which I use my under paper from this week. I have a step by step for you that I will share in the next posts. 

This is the page where I will document my week!

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  1. Just beautiful Francisca! Such outstanding artwork. It always inspires me. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Suz. Your words make always so happy and confident to continue. I apreciate my friend. <3 <3


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