quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2016

The Documented Life Project - The UnPlannner - April Week 4

Hi there beautiful people! :) Yehhhh!!!Finally I managed to get the last week of April and be at the same time of the challenges as the prompts get out!  

For the PAC ant the Pocket, I used the paper I used last week which is so haply colored that is like a Rainbow "Reaching the Rainbows" :)  My brown paper as you know is a paper bag that i double and sew. Is the back of my page from the last week. When I sew the paper I make it in order to stay with pockets, as I show you here and here.

As i love to do I share with you my process on the PAC this week. 

PAC prompt - "fill the card with numbers"

1. Collage strips of papers from a math exercises bock
2. Add some color
3. Add two half circles from the colored deli paper 
4. Add some marks with oil pastels
5. Make doodled flowers with a black pen

This week  I filled my pockets with the beautiful flower card that Susan send to me with an amazing amount of goodies!!! She wrote me in Portuguese!!! Yess she is so sweet! And i put in the pockets the letter and the card. To embellishment my pocket I use a feather that she send to me, and wanted to be thankful not just for her, she as been a really friend has she see my work and always has a positive word for me, but I want to be thankful for all the other beautiful people that I've been connecting with during all this UnPlanner project, that are kind with my work and so positive. Thank you all! :)
I need to make to you  an outburst. It is amazing how in this virtual world, we find people so fantastic, as we do not know in person, but we maintain a daily connection through art that each one does, and get feelings and connection. It's really fantastic!!!

I made this pocket with the deli paper, sewed a false pocket, as we do in fabric, and glued with my colored masking tape. Then I stamped dates. In the love of numbers!!! :)

Want to see my previous weeks? Click the image below

Would love to know more about this happy and funny project? Click the image below!

quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2016

The Documented Life Project - The UnPlanner - April Weeek 3

Hi guys today I want to share with you  April week 3 from my UnPlanner and share with you my process to do my PAC. 

PAC Challenge: Create a pocket and fill it

This week I loved the suggestion of Rae Missigman and try to make my approach on using fabric for the Art Card! I love fabric and have some painted by myself, so it was perfect! 

1. Use a stamp leaf to stamp your fabric
2. Cut the fabric and glue it to the PAC
3. Paint the leafs with acrylic pain
4. Add more marks
5. Use another fabric to make the pocket

I fill my pocket and made my List ten with tags that my friend Susan send me with an amount of beautiful goodies!! :) I'm a happy lucky girl!!!! :)

segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2016

The Documented Life Project-The UnPlanner April Week 2

Reaching for Rainbows
Creating Outside the lines

Pocket Art Card: Add a face

In April week 2 the challenge was very tricky, really creating outside the lines. Outside my comfort zone. Add a face!!!! Wauu scary! I really don't have facility to draw faces, so this was a good challenge. So I had the opportunity to practice wile I asked my hubby some tips on drawing faces. He is a wonderful drawer and painter, he is my personal teacher!!! :) But this is difficult and wants so much practice!!!!

For my PAC 

1. I glued the card with a painted paper. (Those papers where we clean the scrap paint and the stencils)
2. Draw a face on kitchen vegetable paper. 
3. Glued to the card.
4. Made some marks

For my Dare 2 B Card I used these masking tape from my mixed media works. I share with you here, some weeks ago haw I get this gorgeous and unique tape!

I also made a pocket to put my Dare 2B and the digital art card that I received from the talented Anni Ploug. We made a PAC swap and she also send me a beautiful nature PAC and one of her digital art cards.
I made another pretty pocket where I put my PAC and the one that i received from Anni.

 I love this week challenge, because it was really a challenge to me, so I made two more art cards!!! :) One with a photo from a magazine and the other with some of the faces that we ( me and my husband) made from my class with him!!! :)

Peek inside my mixed media work

quarta-feira, 20 de abril de 2016

Paper flowers wreath

 Last week i share with you how i made this stamped paper flowers  with a flower stamp and a variety of backgrounds that make them colored. I use them as embellishments to my Unplanner and art journals, but they are very cute and you can use them in other projects too! 
Today I want to share with you this easy but funny project. A wreath with those cute little flowers. I used cardboard to make a circle for the wreath, then glued the flowers. Use an assortment of different papers and colors. That will give texture and happiness to your wreath. 

terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2016

The Documented Life Project-The UnPlanner - April #Week 1

Hi hello! Today I want to share with you guys my first week of April of my UnPlanner. For my divider I used again my must loved bread paper bags and made a collage with a paper from another bag. When I'm painting and making some messy art, I always have a paper on the table, to clean my brushes, to clean my stamps, as i think everyone does. :) So I used one of this papers to add to my divider, and i loved the result.
This week the PAC challenge was:" black and white", and as much as i love color, i love black and white! most of the time, when i'm not at my art table i only have black pens. So i doodle a lot in black and then i use my draws in my mix media works, and i used one of my mandalas in this PAC.

I sewed the paper bag so that behind I had two pockets to put my week view and my PAC.

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