quinta-feira, 6 de abril de 2017

Life Documented week 14

Hello my friends! This week is going on a hurry!!! I want to do so much things that I commit with, and the time flows!! I'm at the final of 39 weeks, and the anxiety is starting to take care of me!! But  in the meantime I'm continuing to do my art!! I'm still documenting my weeks on my unplanner. 
This week the prompt came from Rebecca Janousek with a collage of drippy flowers. 
This week I made also the planner divider for April, and it seams that my brain choose the yellow for this month!! :) Yellow remembers me always Easter. I don't know why!! So is that why my pages this week are focused on yellow i think!
I will share tomorrow a little tutorial on how I made this artjournal page and these flowers. So stay tuned. 

terça-feira, 4 de abril de 2017

Life Documenting - Art Journal Vol. 2

My first Art Journal for Life Documented has finished so I made another one, with more pages so i can document during more months.
This is my first art journal. Is totally yammy and fat with happy colors, so many memories!! :)

In this second journal I use one paper bag that I painted last year and was hanging on my wall during a long time.
But now I wanted to use it for another thing. So i thought on use it for the cover of my Journal. I created the cover with card stock from cereal boxes and stitched three signatures of white paper. Loved the result. 

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